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Mobile news reader. It's lightweight and fast. It collects news and articles from different sources and shows you one by one. Without unnecessary details, advertising or wasting your time on anything besides the news.

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21 Feb 2019

Google Drive as data store for web app (in Russian)

How to use Google Drive as a data store for web application. Read more.

15 Feb 2019

Project: Procrastinator (Web)

News aggregator and online RSS reader with unusual UI. Read more.

19 Sep 2018

Project: Moy.Design

A browser plugin to make web pages lightweight, more readable and more user-friendly. Read more.

13 Jul 2017

Project: Progaholic

A browser plugin to show how much you contributed today. Read more.

09 Jan 2017

Don't use GitHub

You probably like GitHub. We all do. But does your fondness go too far?

11 Nov 2015

Project: Xored Quiz

Assessment test for software engineers. Read more.

24 May 2015

Weak UI, weak programmer

Don’t like making UIs and, as a result, suck at it? I have bad news for you

19 Aug 2014

Engineers present

Are you an engineer, and would like to give a talk? This may be helpful

18 Jul 2014

Lot of the strong (in Russian)

To have nothing else but hope, or to have everything besides hope. What would you choose?

28 Jun 2014

Readiness Threshold

Have you ever wondered, how to make your bug fixing duties a tad funnier? I've got a recipe

10 Apr 2014

Static site from scratch

Would you like to laugh at me, because I'm so pigheaded, that just didn't want to use WordPress and gave myself a lot of trouble? Go ahead

01 Apr 2014

Version 1.0

Ever got problems with assigning version numbers to your projects? Read on

26 Dec 2013

Project: Integrity Maven Plugin

Maven plugin, which helps to ensure build integrity in case of a large multi-module project with branchy structure. Read more.

27 Jul 2011

Project: PEG Parser

PEG parser in Fantom. Read more.

14 Jul 2011

Project: Diff

Fantom library to find differences between two sequences of objects of any type. Read more.